Potential NCAA Violations in the News

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“LSU may be involved in NCAA violations with Mathieu, Anthony Johnson” -TheTownTalk.com

Thetowntalk.com recently reported a possible violation of NCAA Rule that says any student-athlete who “accepts any remuneration or permits the use of his or her name or picture to advertise, recommend or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind” is ineligible. I have always been intrigued … Continue reading

“Longtime UNC officials shocked by NCAA violations” By: USA TODAY

Longtime UNC officials shocked by NCAA violations– USA TODAY by: Rachel George. “6:12PM EDT October 10. 2012 – CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The telephone call to Bill Friday was the most difficult. At the start of an NCAA investigation in the summer of 2010, former North Carolina athletic director Dick Baddour had to notify the … Continue reading


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