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Auriemma Wants Lower Rims

This does not have to do with compliance, but this IS an interesting talking point. Because I used to play basketball, I find it even more interesting; I never thought about lowering the rims, but when put in the context of making it lower to account for the general height difference makes me able to contemplate it.

However, I wonder how this would work practically. I mean, I remember pick up with the guys and even just getting used to the difference between the men and women’s basketball was different, never mind getting used to a different height rim. Even shooting around between the guys game or stopping by an open gym…I wonder how it would work in practice and for all female players…would there be less access to “women’s standard height rims” ?

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Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma is making headlines once again as the season draws near, this time for suggesting that the NCAA lower the rims for women’s games. Auriemma believes this would make for higher-scoring games and, as a result, greater fan interest.

Geno suggests the rims be lowered roughly seven inches to account for the general height difference between male and female players. This would supposedly increase field goal percentage and tip-ins. Auriemma made other suggestions geared towards increasing offense as well, such as adopting the NBA’s shorter shot clock and backcourt rules.

It’s an interesting idea. On one hand, perhaps more scoring would generate more attention for the women’s game. Conversely, is this even doable? Schools would need to have a second set of hoops for women’s games and practices. Is it practical to have to swap the two in and out constantly? If this adjustment were…

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